【Photoshop】16 Lightning Brushes for PhotoShop

【Photoshop】16 Lightning Brushes for PhotoShop

I created a lightning brush for PhotoShop, so I would like to share it.

As well as being able to use it as a lightning normally, as well as making eye catches and illustrations on the web ” a little unsatisfying ” it will be a little spice!

Examples of Lightning Brushes

Let me introduce a few examples of actual use.

If you draw with this brush on the picture of the night view at the left like the image above, you can express pretty real thunder.

However, depending on how to use this brush more various expressions are possible. For example, draw an image like this with this brush,

Just by inserting colors in PhotoShop, it will be finished in a nice feeling image that seems to be used as a background for title back and so on. If it is combined with the title logo it will be a good eye catch image.

Since we made 16 patterns of lightning brush for PhotoShop this time, we would like to share with everyone royalty free with you, there are 16 kinds so we can make various variations if we use in combination.

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